Anthony Thigpenn has worked as a community organizer and political strategist for over fifty years, helping to build connections and alliances between diverse issue movements striving for racial and social justice.  

Mr. Thigpenn’s areas of expertise include political strategy, community organizing, voter engagement strategy and field technology, public policy, staff management and organizational development, electoral and ballot measure campaigns.  He is credited with developing a “Power Analysis” tool used by hundreds of social justice organizations across the country to develop more effective power building strategies. 

Mr. Thigpenn is currently president of California Calls an ongoing alliance of 31 organizations in 12 counties around the state of California committed to achieving systemic reform of California’s broken tax policies and state budget to ensure equity and economic justice for all Californians by educating and motivating new and infrequent voters who are traditionally not part of the political process. Over the past 10 years California Calls has help win major policy victories in the areas of tax policy, education, healthcare, criminal justice by engaging over half a million young people, people of color, low-income residents, and immigrants; significantly increasing their levels voting and civic participation.