Tech Equity

As leading technology companies have grown exponentially over the last decade, so have concerns about their outsized impact on our economy and democracy, and how to regulate these firms has emerged as a key policy question of our time. Racial equity is not yet a significant part of the mainstream tech policy debate, but this needs to change. The following series of research papers, commissioned by PolicyLink from leading academics and researchers, explores the intersection of racial equity and the technology sector.

  1. Nicol Turner Lee (Brookings Institution), “It’s Time for an Updated Civil Rights Regime Over Big Tech.”
  2. Cierra Robson and Ruha Benjamin (Princeton University), “Silence No More: Addressing Anti-Competitive Opportunity Hoarding in the Tech Industry.”
  3. Shelly Steward (The Aspen Institute), “How Platform Based Work Contributes to the Racial Wealth Gap.” 
  4. Fallon Wilson (#BlackTechFutures Research Institute), “Supporting Black Businesses Online with Federal Policies and Recommendations.”
  5. Veena Dubal (University of California, Hastings College of the Law), “Technology, Fissuring, and Race.”  
  6. Ulises Ali Mejias (State University of New York at Oswego), “The People vs. the Algorithmic State: How Government Is Aiding Big Tech’s Extractivist Agenda, and What We Can Do About It.” 
  7. Amina Kirk and Mae Watson Grote (Change Machine), “Data: Power or Pawn? Advancing Equity by Reimagining the Consumer-Data Relationship.”
  8. Jasmine McNealy (University of Florida), “A Power Analysis of Platforms: Expression, Equitable Governance, and Participation.”