The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color

The future of California depends on its investment in its youth population. 

The Alliance is a California-led coalition of organizational partners who are committed to adopting a shared message and strategy to advance legislative objectives and strategies, in local communities and through state policy. The Alliance's ongoing advocacy and engagement has resulted in over 15 cities that have created campaigns on behalf of boys and men of color, and 40 cities that have Select Committee legislative representation. 

From 2012 to 2017, ninety-six (96) bills, prioritized by the Alliance, were signed into law. Legislation ranged from securing essential health benefits; advocating for pupils rights and the reduction of suspensions and expulsion; Medi-cal expansion; fairness in government hiring; a just and fair immigration policy; and a focus on creating good jobs and employment. 

This year, the Alliance's policy platform includes a range of issues, including:

  • Transforming the pre-K–12 school system from one based on punishment and compliance to one based on freedom, historical truth, and empowerment.
  • Building education systems that address the full range of social, emotional, cognitive, and survival needs of students of color; connecting young people and their families to an individualized set of supports to promote their well-being and emotional, behavioral, and physical health.

  • Removing police from schools; transferring back the responsibility of addressing student behavior from police officers to school administrators; directing funds away from school police and surveillance towards student supports like school counselors, social workers, mental health professionals and restorative justice practices.

  • Addressing the role of implicit and explicit race and gender bias in the child welfare system through racial impact assessment and de-biasing techniques.

  • Guaranteeing access to the housing, food, income, and education and culture required to be healthy.

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