Race to the Top District-Level Funding – Partnering with STRIVE and the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink


Race to the Top - District Funding partnering with STRIVE and Promise Neighborhoods Institute.

July 2015

Building Financially Secure Futures: An Approach for Boys and Men of Color

Building the Capacity of Educators and Service Providers to Support Black Male Achievement


This webinar, hosted by the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink, lifts up professional development programs being implemented in Promise Neighborhoods to effectively promote the academic achievement of low-income children of color, with a focus on black boys and young men. 
The webinar focuses on the work the Northside Achievement Zone has done in partnership with the Innocence Classroom program to build the capacity of educators and service-providers to achieve results for black boys and young men and offers guidance for other communities interested conducting this work. 
Speakers include:
-Samuel Sinyangwe, Program Coordinator, PNI at PolicyLink 
-Alexs Pate, Director, Innocence Classroom 
-Jaimee Bohning, Education Director, Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)
-Hope Lockett, NAZ Expanded Learning Strategist 
-ShaVonda Allen, NAZ School-Based Strategy Manager

Promoting Academic Proficiency in Promise Neighborhoods


Academic achievement is vital to children's educational attainment and economic well-being. Please join the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink for a webinar lifting up best-practices and approaches to improve academic proficiency rates in Promise Neighborhoods communities (GPRA 4). We'll hear from the following experts: 
- Sherry Taubert, Project Director, Berea Promise Neighborhood 
- Christina Theokas, PhD, Director of Research, Education Trust

June 2015

An Equity Profile of Detroit Region


The Detroit region is undergoing growth and change. After losing approximately 156,000 people between 2000 and 2010, the region is projected to reverse its recent losses and grow by about 5 percent over the next 30 years. People of color will make up a growing share of the population, with much of that growth propelled by Latinos and Asians. An infusion of new public and private investments along with middle-wage job growth is also fueling an economic recovery, what some have called a Detroit Renaissance. However, not everyone will benefit unless business, community, and political leaders work together to connect people of color to jobs, business opportunities, quality education and career training, and healthy homes and neighborhoods. Read the summary and the full profile.

Virtual Meeting: The Foundations of School Readiness


A community of practice discussion for Promise Neighborhoods on the 'Foundations of School Readiness' hosted by the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink and featuring experts from ZERO TO THREE. 
Presenters include: 
* Samuel Sinyangwe with the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink
* Jodi Whiteman, ZERO TO THREE, and
* Valerie Dawkins Krajec ZERO TO THREE

The Foundations of School Readiness


Learning doesn't begin when children start school, it begins at birth. By the time children have turned three, they have already begun to lay the foundation for the skills and abilities that will help them succeed in school. This early path to school readiness unfolds in everyday moments. 
This webinar explores the foundations of school readiness by: 
-Identifying the core information about how children develop school readiness skills 
-Discussing strategies for parents, caregivers, and professionals that can nurture and support these skills in young children.

Best-Practices to Foster School Readiness


Communities, programs, providers and families play critical roles in helping children get ready for school. How very young children are cared for teaches them how to interact with the world and profoundly shapes who they will become. This webinar will explore best practices to support school readiness for very young children.

Building Infrastructure to Support Cross Sector Integration in Early Childhood Work


This webinar, hosted by the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink in partnership with ZERO TO THREE, lifts up how Hayward Promise Neighborhood and other communities are building cohesive systems that coordinate and align services to ensure all children enter kindergarten ready to success in school.

Virtual Meeting: Supporting Cross-Sector Integration in Early Childhood Work: Community of Practice Meeting